Born in 1955 in New Orleans, Jay Rusovich is a contemporary fine art photographer and writer. He received his degrees from Tulane University and Exeter College, Oxford, and has participated in countless exhibitions, both group and solo, in the United States. He has lived in London, New York City and Los Angeles, and currently lives and works in Houston, Texas. His photographs are all shot in medium format, both film and digital.

Rusovich spent his commercial career as freelance photographer and writer representing a diverse range of clients including Saatchi & Saatchi, Harper Collins Publishing, Sony Entertainment, Universal Pictures, EAS Corporation, Continental Airlines, and Shell Oil Company … to name a few.

Most recently, Mr. Rusovich was among a select few photographers chosen by a panel of international museum curators and art critics to appear in Erotic Signature's latest compendium, "The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today, Volume 6," published in 2015.

One of the works chosen appears in his first book of photographs, titled, “InsideOut,” which is sold at select bookstores throughout the world, and on Amazon. Last year he published a satiric literary memoir titled, Urban Dystrophy, The Perverse Truth About Mid-Life in the Big City, which is sold through select bookstores, and on Amazon . He also hosts a wildly popular blog,, which explores the inner workings of the urban Baby Boomer, with themes that parallel his memoir.

He is represented by the Deborah Colton Gallery in Houston and Dallas.

On fine art…

"My work explores gender stereotypes and how we judge one another based upon appearance and gender, without regard to the oftentimes-complex inner landscape that drives us. It's because of this that I celebrate what some consider to be "sacrilege," the "immoral" the "perverse" the "unconscionable," and the "lost." These labels are all subjective, but pervasive in a world grounded in order and symmetry. My exhibitions often involve multiple works that complete a single narrative."

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