Piracy and the Problem With Nudes

Anyone who shoots as many nudes as I have during the course of my career knows that at some point or another an image will be pirated. Okay, it sucks but it’s a fact of life for men and woman who shoot nudes for publication with any photographer. It could be a misplaced Polaroid, or trashed outtake, or simply the stealing of a published jpeg from a book or magazine — and piracy is committed.

The music industry has had it’s hands full with this for years and photographers all know that at some point or another it will happen to them.

Contracts with talent don’t matter to people who are in the business of exploiting others for their own personal gain. All we can do as an industry is to send cease and desist letters to the offending parties and hope it clears things up promptly. It usually does.

The only other option is to simply opt out of shooting nudes at all, because once they’re published, they’re available to the entire world to see no matter what any contract says to the contrary.

This is life in the digital age.

Once you go down the road of shooting nudes, you there forever.

Either own it or Just Say No.

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